Mel is a South African born, visual artist,

whose work delves into the duality of identity and the ambiguous nature of objects. 

With a multi-disciplinary approach, Mel combines her diverse experience in conceptual art, motion, and fine art, with a particular emphasis on printmaking, collage, and photography techniques to reframe reality.

Mel laid the foundation of her creative journey by studying BA Fine Arts at the University of Cape Town, establishing a solid foundation for her artistic expression. 

Currently based in London, Mel thrives in the vibrant atmosphere of Kew Print Studios, where she actively engages as a member of this creative community.

Fine Artist and Photographer

As a visual artist, I specialise in creating bespoke contemporary pieces for homes and businesses, offering a diverse range of services. This includes editioned original prints and archival pigment prints, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

I deliver bespoke pieces that help bring the gallery to your home, without even having to leave the comfort of your living room.

It starts with a simple chat and we take it from there.

In addition, I am passionate about collaborative projects and love working alongside other artists. I believe that collaboration not only fuels creativity but also brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront.

If you’re looking to embark on a collaborative artistic venture, I am eager to join forces and create something truly remarkable together. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or intimidated about buying original art? You know you like it, but not sure where to start – It’s like being given an enormous wine list in a restaurant, you love wine but which one to choose?

In that space you have a sommelier to help you – you describe what you like and the sommelier matches your preferences to the right wine for you.

Well I’m here to do the same for your in the art world…..

I am Mel and I'm an art sommelier.

Take the art finder quiz and get matched with
art prints based on your personal preferences

Quick Quiz

Q1 : You're headed to a new gallery opening with your bestie, and want to make a grand entrance with your outfit. What do you wear?

Wear the same as my bestie

A garment with dots/circle designs

Something edgy, but stylish

A cocktail classic with simple lines

Q2 : What is your favourite kind of refection?

I’m a humanitarian: People’s reflections in shop windows

I’m a scientist: Light reflections bouncing off walls and objects

I’m a philosopher: Internal reflection of ideas

I’m a realist: Anything that reflects raw moments in life

Q3 : What type of enviroment do you like to photograph?

Buildings and Cityscapes

Anything that can be turned into VR or 360 images

People and culture

Wildlife and natural landscapes

Q4 : From the list below, select your favourite artist/photograph.

Vasily Kandinsky

Andy Warhol

Andrew S. Gray

Not sure, I need to think about this!

Q5 : You're doing your home. Which area would you like to tackle?

Mirrors and soft furnishings

The artwork of course!

Anything structural

The garden

Q6 : Out of the traits below, which combination best describe you?

Busy and energetic

Organised and structured

Deep and introspective

Quiet and considerate

Q7 : Your ideal city slicker holiday destination is....

New York


Cape Town


Q8 : Which word appeals to you the most?





By engaging in a simple chat, we can embark on a creative journey together, tailored to your unique taste and vision.

As an art sommelier, it’s my job to create art and pair it with your personality. I make creative suggestions for your home or business, based on your taste preferences.

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View Project

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