I'm Mel, your personal art sommelier.

An art sommelier does with art, what a sommelier does with wine.
Let me explain...

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and tried to order a glass of wine with your meal, only to have a waiter hand you a 100-page wine list? We have all been confronted with that black hole of wine lists, where the choice of salivating sauvignons and bouncy bordeauxs are overwhelming. All you know is that you want a glass of grown-up grape juice – stat.

Before you break into a cold sweat, in swoops a sommelier, your knight in shining… knowledge. Sommeliers ask a series of questions to profile your wine style and recommend a wine that pairs perfectly with your meal. Even if you don’t know you, they know you!

Do you get the same overwhelming-wine-list feeling when you’re thinking about investing in a new piece of art for your home or business? You want a bespoke piece of art for that blank wall, but where do you begin? If only there was such a thing as.…an art sommelier. Someone to help figure out what you want and what you need.

A sommelier pairs wine with your meal and I pair art with your personality

Well…I am an Art Sommelier! (A phrase I coined after a stint of 20 years in hospitality and a background in fine art. 

I am a highly-qualified visual artist and photographer and can help you figure out your personal preferences. 

During our chat, we’ll take a journey into figuring out what you want and what you like. I help you through the process so you can create and buy original contemporary art pieces for your home business

Discover art that matches your taste,
with contemporary art prints curated just for you!

Quick Quiz

Q1 : You're headed to a new gallery opening with your bestie, and want to make a grand entrance with your outfit. What do you wear?

Wear the same as my bestie

A garment with dots/circle designs

Something edgy, but stylish

A cocktail classic with simple lines

Q2 : What is your favourite kind of refection?

I’m a humanitarian: People’s reflections in shop windows

I’m a scientist: Light reflections bouncing off walls and objects

I’m a philosopher: Internal reflection of ideas

I’m a realist: Anything that reflects raw moments in life

Q3 : What type of enviroment do you like to photograph?

Buildings and Cityscapes

Anything that can be turned into VR or 360 images

People and culture

Wildlife and natural landscapes

Q4 : From the list below, select your favourite artist/photograph.

Vasily Kandinsky

Andy Warhol

Andrew S. Gray

Not sure, I need to think about this!

Q5 : You're doing your home. Which area would you like to tackle?

Mirrors and soft furnishings

The artwork of course!

Anything structural

The garden

Q6 : Out of the traits below, which combination best describe you?

Busy and energetic

Organised and structured

Deep and introspective

Quiet and considerate

Q7 : Your ideal city slicker holiday destination is....

New York


Cape Town


Q8 : Which word appeals to you the most?