The Fun Stuff

If you’re reading this, congratulations! It means you invested in finding out more about me, which is a good sign for our future collaboration.

I'm Mel Joubert, a London-based visual artist and photographer.
But before we embark on this artistic adventure together, let me unveil the story behind the artist.


With a background in Fine Art from the University of Cape Town, my journey took an unexpected turn into the vibrant realm of hospitality, where I unveiled my true passion.
It was through years of crafting unforgettable experiences in London's finest restaurants and bars that the concept of the "art sommelier" was born.

My Personality

I thought I'd begin by introducing myself with a virtual glimpse into my world, sharing some fun facts that go beyond my artistry.
These insights will offer you a better understanding of who I am as a person.

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I’m a die-hard romantic with a wry and dry sense of humour who has a particular fondness for cataloguing, lines, grids and stationary (especially brushes and pencils).

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When I’m not out photographing or making art, you will find me on the hockey pitch.

I love sports and anywhere outdoors….

Except if it involves heights or creepy crawlies!

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My creative spirit knows no bounds and – in fact – I see the world around me in single-frames or animation-mode.

I’m an avid devourer of stop animation (Wes Anderson is my favourite) and would wear a cape every day if I could, but the adult-me settles for flowing scarves.

Nowadays I reserve the cape for fancy dress parties and my special powers!

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And my happy place?

That would have to be spending time with my partner, going to braais (barbecues), tucking into a bottle of red wine or sipping slowly on an old fashioned cocktail or whiskey with our dog Toto


I work from my home studio in Kew which I share with my partner and pet spaniel. When I’m not making art or taking photos, I am a keen hockey player and wine enthusiast.